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Convert your bank statements to Excel (XLS) or CSV

How to convert bank statement to Excel (XLS) or CSV

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    Click the "Choose File" button on our homepage or drag and drop your file into the designated area.
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    Choose the PDF file you need to convert.
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    Download your converted file and make your financial management easier!
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Conversion is safe

Your financial data is in safe hands. Every conversion is encrypted using advanced SSL technology and all files are automatically deleted from our servers after conversion.

Accurate AI Conversion

Our AI-powered tool transforms PDFs to Excel with exceptional accuracy, outperforming traditional methods. Experience precise data conversion for easier financial management.

Worldwide Banking Compatibility

Convert statements from any bank in the world with our user-friendly converter, it’s ideal for international finance management

Frequently asked questions

How does ConvertBankStatement process and convert PDF bank statements?

ConvertBankStatement uses advanced AI technologies, including Machine Learning and OCR, to turn PDF bank statements into Excel, CSV, or JSON formats.

Our standout feature is our high accuracy rate when converting bank statements. This high level of precision makes ConvertBankStatement an ideal choice for those who require accuracy for workflow automation.

What kinds of bank statements can be converted?

Our tool can convert any bank statement, no matter the format or layout.

We don't use fixed templates, so our tool works with every kind of statement.

Our AI technology makes it easy to identify the data you need from any bank statement in the world.

Is my data secure with ConvertBankStatement?

Your data security is our top priority. We assure you that your information is completely safe with ConvertBankStatement.

After conversion, your data is promptly removed from our systems to ensure maximum privacy and security.